Campodulce Curados

We are one of the main producers of serrano ham (jamón serrano) and ibérico ham (jamón ibérico). Serrano ham is a cured Spanish ham made from the pork of so-called “white” pig breeds, while ibérico ham is a cured Spanish ham made from the pork of the Iberian pig breed. Campodulce is part of Grupo Jorge, which is one of Spain’s largest meat-producers and boasts 75 years of experience in the industry.

Our facilities (we have two large centres of production) combine leading modern techniques with the craftsmanship and artisanal approach that are essential to the production of cured ham.

Campodulce has obtained specific authorizations and official approval in many different countries around the world.

All our production processes are fully automated and robotized, meaning the products are not contaminated through handling. Our quality commitment means we are able to offer products that have a traditional taste.

Grupo Jorge

Our brands

Our products are sold under the following brand names:


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