Tray salting

The salting process is done in trays, which allows us to ensure that every ham absorbs the salt evenly and obtains the necessary amount for optimum curing.


Tradition and technology

Our drying facilities are equipped with the very latest in modern technology in order to obtain maximum homogeneity across all our products, without losing sight of the essence of the traditional curing process.

Our special chambers reproduce the traditional stages of curing and recreate the seasonal cycles of winter / spring / summer / autumn.

We also have a traceability system that gives every unit its own individual chip, which allows us to store and monitor all of the information from the beginning of the process (farm, slaughterhouse and butchery) through to the various stages of production and onto the end customer.


The final test

Before the ham is taken to its final destination, our specialist professionals conduct a final quality control test, known as the calado, to make sure the ham has reached the correct level of curing:

  • The product is palpated to make sure it has reached the correct level of curing.
  • The product is tested to make sure its aroma and flavour meet our exacting standards.